Monday, 7 October 2013

Cost of university executive in NSW

Today I have been doing some more sums. In NSW in 2012, vice-chancellors cost $7.6M. But the vice-chancellors, when we look closely, are not the biggest cost - it is what I have a little cheekily been calling the 'DVC Epidemic'. DVCs (and PVCs) in NSW cost more than $21M.

In 2012, the total cost of the executive level of the university system for NSW alone was $35,307,536.

UniversityDVC (or PVC) Salaries (inc bonuses)VC Salaries(inc bonuses)VC/DVC TotalNon-DVC ExecutivesExecutive Total
Charles Sturt University$917878$492397$1410275$496403$1906678
Macquarie University$1888975$1449101$3338076$1544706$4882782
Southern Cross University$1250576$601414$1851990$1047621$2899611
The University of Newcastle$3827845$597364$4425209$559469$4984678
The University of New England$1507820$584751$2092571$831845$2924416
The University of New South Wales$1415040$525380$1940420$947732$2888152
The University of Sydney$3167365$899143$4066508$0$4066508
University of Technology Sydney$2547290$849293$3396583$0$3396583
University of Western Sydney$2143613$861000$3004613$342000$3346613
University of Wollongong$2506731$739762$3246493$765022$4011515

Total NSW


Lucy said...


I'm so glad to see you doing this sort of accounting. I'm appalled at the cost on the public purse and actually wrote to Wayne Swan about it when he was treasurer! And the point is,as you point out, that it's not just the VCs salaries but the entire often bloated Executive.

I know people compare VC's salaries to those of CEOs but I think there are significant differences:
- it's public money
- the PM earns half the salaries in many cases;
- no shareholder dividends;
- observational but there are so many people at the bottom of the pecking order scraping out a living on miserable iniquitous contracts, typically as universities cry "poor". That's what really riles me.

Blake said...

um, UNSW VC in 2012 received $884,057 in base salary and $27,501 in superannuation.

You put the DVC Research figure in the VC place..

:) Blake xoxo

Blake said...

I would also add to this (which we can't easily work out exactly what the figures are) the Deans of the various Faculties.

UNSW has 9 Faculties, and each of these are paid much higher than the base salary for a Professor, which is $170,000 per year, plus superannuation.

And also add to this the Heads of Schools, which are also usually paid above Professor salary rates. at UNSW there are at least 44 schools, and on top of this, a whole bunch of research groups and departments, and other such groups.

So if we estimate very conservatively, a Dean is paid at least $250,000 and Head of School at least $200,000 (on average, and a very, very low estimate) this means that on top of the VC, DVC and senior exec, we have..

$2,250,000 or more for 9 Deans
$8,800,000 or more for 44 Heads of Schools

Well above $10 million for the 'management' of the faculties and schools, and not including research centres, in addition to the senior execs. and this is a very, very low estimate!

and yes, I'm a total nerd who loves numbers!