Wednesday, 11 September 2013

This confused postdoctoral life

I don't want to risk falling into my own whinging academic category, but gosh this life is a bit confusing. This is actually because I was just staring at the blog thinking...a new post is surely needed...but what about?

At the moment I am:

  1. writing a book about universities
  2. writing an article about cold war research
  3. writing an article about inclusive history - with a view to thinking about making university history curricula more inclusive
  4. doing a case study on the effect of the 1987 Dawkins reforms on Sydney Uni, especially for staff based in the former CAE and other colleges, including a survey (and trying to avoid doing interviews...see above re. book = priority)
  5. working with scholars and others on campus about developing a scholarship of social inclusion, including a short article just written
  6. working with colleagues to develop links in community groups in western Sydney and country towns for community engaged learning for undergraduate history students
  7. negotiating a whole lot of stuff with my new workplace for next year, requiring lots of research planning etc
  8. applying for ethics for the next round of research in Broken Hill, hopefully to be done in November this year
And that doesn't include the stuff I'd NEVER blog about...figuring out confusing paperwork for the new job, the book, the tax...and a sick teenager at home today.

Sorry for the non-post...maybe shortly something on Ian Clunies Ross is warranted (item #2 on list)

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