Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Learning management systems, a history

Some important historical events happen REALLY recently. I've been looking into the history of eLearning in universities for my book project and am constantly amazed at how quickly everything happened.

I started working in eLearning myself in 2003 and it seemed like it had already been around for ages - but in fact, it was only around five years old.

It was not an area (like university marketing actually) that people have thought about keeping archives on. So from a worldwide perspective, this is a very nice piece of evidence:

Murray Goldberg, presenting WebCT in 1998. He'd first presented this 'simple' (those of us who have used it might dispute 'simple') platform in 1996 and by 2000 it apparently served around 6 million students in 57 countries. The success of WebCT is significant because it showed that it could be done.

So to see this key piece of evidence:

With thanks to Stephen Sheely for a conversation about this today.

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