Monday, 26 August 2013

new knowledge and longstanding values

I was watching NITV the other day while I was simultaneously working on a chapter and reading a book. It was Saturday, I didn't mind that I wasn't doing any of those things very efficiently.

I was captivated, as anyone would be, by this adorable approx. 8 year old boy who had made a video. I hadn't caught all the details, since I was cheerfully failing at multi-tasking, but it was a community project in NT, I think with the local school.

The boy was wearing a white lab coat, holding a pointer and indicating the head of a scientific picture of the human body.

He said something about what petrol sniffing does to your brain and then recounted the consequences as "you will forget your stories, you will forget your country". With a melodramatic look in his face, he added "YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN", followed by a big cheeky grin.

It was a tiny segment of an afternoon of television (what a great channel it is, so great I'll link to it again) and it was not the only spot where different kinds of knowledges came together so successfully. But this one seemed so clear and exemplary: the school formulae of communicating knowledge; the trappings of the lab coat; while most clearly communicating the assumption that stories and country remain the worst thing that one could lose.

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