Tuesday, 20 November 2012

MORE will mean WORSE?

I have spent far too long looking for this quote. This is Kingsley Amis, June 1960 in Encounter Magazine in an article called 'Lone Voices' (page 8). Naturally I think he is wrong...but we do still regularly hear scholars reminisce about the time there were fewer students and they were all smarter than they are now.......back in the 1990s, the 1960s...or in this case, the 1940s.

"I want to drum the fact ... into those who are playing what I have heard called the university numbers racket, those quantitative thinkers who think Britain if falling behind America and Russia by not producing as many graduates per head, and that she must catch up by building more colleges which will turn out more graduates and will give us more technologists (especially them) and more school teachers. I wish I could have a little tape-and-loudspeaker arrangement...set to bawl out at several bels: MORE will mean WORSE."

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