Monday, 5 March 2012

What is Hannah doing now?

'What now?' is the question I've been asked over and over the past two weeks. The answer is a bit complicated: fragmented, even, perhaps.

1. Historical Research project: ‘Knowledge, Nation and Democracy in Post-War Australia’. National Archives of Australia. Margaret George Award.

2. Historical Research Project: 'Taking a longer view of widening participation: toward a history of social inclusion in higher education in Sydney, c.1945-1975.'
The University of Sydney. Widening Participation Grant.

3. Educational Research and Development Project: Diversity and Difference: History Students and Social Inclusion.
The University of Sydney. STEP Grant. With Mike McDonnell (CI) and Tim Allender

4. Part-time work, University of Sydney: social inclusion in history and the humanities. Developing and maintaining partnerships with disadvantaged schools to encourage diverse students to study history. Help extend this work into English and Cultural Studies. With Mike McDonnell.

5. Casual work, New Cambridge History of Australia. Project management.

6. Honorary Fellowship, NSW State Library. Starts in May.


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