Monday, 17 May 2010

Soppy sit-ins

So as you can see I am in the middle of working through student protest material, which includes long occupations of libraries, vice-chancellor offices, careers centres. But I read today that the University of Sydney Union is proposing a sit-in at Manning Bar.

Not exactly the same, is it?


M-H said...

I was quite... well, shocked I suppose about that. Coming in the same week as the 40th anniversary of the Kent State massacre, I felt it was in very poor taste to be making a social event out of something that was so important to people of my generation - the moment when we realised that we did have some power in our own education and that the establishment was prepared to kill people to stop us exercising it. But I suppose no-one's interested in the opinion of a(n) (aging) baby-boomer.

And my word verifiation (aka door bitch) is 'explamm'. Hmmm.

Hannah Forsyth said...

Some of us are interested M-H! Thanks for highlighting that, and the anniversary.