Tuesday, 11 August 2009

My thesis in 24 words

This is an edit of my posting last week "my thesis in 23 words". I forgot a word, so it is now My thesis in 24 words. Obviously.

Knowledge is:

  1. Purchasable
  2. Delegitimised
  3. Commodified
  4. Controlled
  5. Privatised
  6. Tradeable

This changes the role and nature of the university.

The end.


Claire Donald said...

Hi Hannah,
I came across your blog while setting up my own, and looking up "postgraduates" in EDNA - I was not logged in so this was the public view.

I love your thesis in 24 words - brilliant! :-)

I am a learning designer too, at Auckland Uni, and doing a very small project on postgraduate students' use of Web 2 tools, with a view to implications for professional development requirements for academic staff. It's also a prof dev exercise for myself as I am so behind in the use of these tools in my own work! This is my fledgeling blog, http://pgmeweb2.blogspot.com/ where you can see my blogpost about you :-) I hope you're ok with this - I will remove it immediately if not. My blog is purely a research diary for me of my progress and resources on this. My interest in prof dev for supervisors stems from a project I was involved in at AUT University, developing an online postgrad resource. It's called "PGMe" (hence the name of my blog), and is in Blackboard so not publically viewable at the mo (public view a work in progress now). It's just been launched - filled with an initial load of resources but the networking facilities are what they are trying to get active now...

With kind regards,
Claire Donald

Hannah Forsyth said...

Hi Claire, thanks for linking to me, which is fine of course. Good luck with your development of blogging and other web 2.0 tools for postgrads, which is a worthy cause. Best wishes, Hannah