Sunday, 14 June 2009

Noam Chomsky on universities

"The basic ideological institutions are the university-based academic professions and the mass media" p. 29

"Under capitalist democracy the situation is considerably more complex. The press and the intellectuals are held to be fiercely independent, hypercritical, antagonistic to the "establishment" in an adversary relation to the state ... Reality is a little different. True there is criticism, but a careful look will show that it remains within narrow bounds. Basic principles of the state propaganda system, the propaganda apparatus does not merely stake out a position to which all must conform - or which they may privately oppose. Rather, it seeks to determine and limit the entire spectrum of thought". p.31

"Those who may be concerned about unemployment for intellectuals need to worry too much, I believe. Under circumstances such as these, there should be considerable need and ample opportunity for the secular priesthood."p.37

Noam Chomsky, Intellectuals and the State, 1978

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