Saturday, 14 February 2009

Poisoning the air and soil with distorted knowledge

Whenever propaganda and the conflict of interests threatens to devalue, distort and do violence to truth as it has already done to individuals, to language, to the arts ... then it is our duty to resist and save the truth, or rather the striving for truth, since it is the supreme article in our creed. The scholar who knowingly speaks, writes, or teaches falsehood, who knowingly supports lies and deceptions, not only violates organic principles. He also, no matter how things may seem at the given moment, does his people a grave disservice. He corrupts its air and soil, its food and drink; he poisons its thinking and its laws, and he gives aid and comfort to all the hostile, evil forces that threaten the nation with annihilation.

Herman Hesse, Glass Bead Game, p339

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