Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The end of feuilletonism

After sufficient bloodletting and debasement, it came to its end; there arose a more and more powerful longing for ... valid standards, for an alphabet and multiplication table no longer decreed by power blocs and alterable at any moment. ...

This vacuum at the end of a violent era concerned only with superficial things, this sharp universal hunger for a new beginning and restoration of order, gave rise to our Castalia. The insignificantly small, courageous, half-starved but unbowed band of true thinkers began to be aware of their potentialities. With heroic asceticism and self-discipline they set about establishing a constitution for themselves. Everywhere, even in the tiniest groups, they began working once more, clearing away the rubble of propoganda. Starting from the very bottom, they reconstructed intellectual life, education, research culture.

The Glass Bead Game, p. 335

(Think we might be getting to this yet?)

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