Friday, 30 January 2009

“More scholar for the dollar” – knowledge in the 1980s

This is the draft outline of the draft chapter that I am about to start drafting. It is based on the dialectical "discussion" that takes place via The Australian's Higher Education Supplement, which started (conveniently) in 1980.

1. Introduction: the Higher Education Supplement in the 1980s
2. “It’s just academic” – academics’ bad name and the commodification of education- 1980-1983
3. Cash on the side – commercialising ("relevant") research - 1984-1985
4. Economical knowledge – exporting and privatising education - 1986-1987
5. The end of the dialectic: knowledge in the “professional” university - 1988
6. Aftermath: the woes of public and private universities in 1989
7. Fighting over scraps: universities in the free market - 1990
8. Conclusions: The mechanisms that commodified knowledge

My deadline is 3rd March - wish me luck!

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