Friday, 24 August 2007

Politics and technology

OK I think so far we can call this a blog of random thoughts, and certainly not evolving into a thorough thing. Probably suits me best anyway (and where are you supposed to put all those random thoughts? Or should I be guarding myself against random thoughts...?). Anyway, on with it.

Thinking after today's news about how the Prime Minister's office has been editing Wikipedia to get rid of things that might harm the government (although it made a better headline than seemed to amount to boring things like adding "allegedly" to stuff. But still pretty funny). There has been stacks around this election about "understanding" technology - Howard got slammed because he used, but clearly did not "understand" YouTube. Kevin is a hit in Facebook and then there is the Kevin07 debate about whether it is so kitsch it is cool ... or is it just kitsch (I am leaning on the cool side, but I normally do when it comes to kitsch and, Kevin...)

This is making the social networking tools something like the taunting cool crowd, telling Howard he just doesn't get it (and this is reflected in Howard's "blog", too...). But of course it is also a way of declaring Howard to be out of touch with the "real" world by telling him how out of touch he is with the virtual one. Think this is new.

But it is Friday afternoon, so that is as far as the thoughts go.

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Swanschic said...

I agree Hannah. Howard is a capital L loser by trying to doctor a source that is already acknowledged as dodgy. Perhaps this is what Hitler would have done had Wikipedia been around in his day - would have saved him burning all those books.